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Cravate with pin:                       3.00
Tie:                                              3.00
Wing collar shirt (white):            6.50
Plain shirt (white):                      6.50 
Pageboy wing collar shirt:        3.50
Pageboy plain shirt:                  3.50 
Top Hat & Gloves (adult):        11.00
Top Hat (Pageboy):                    7.00    
Black Patent Shoes:                7.00
Cufflinks:                                    2.00 
Patterned waistcoats (adult): 10.00 in stock. 15 if hired in.
Patterned w/coats(boys):       6.00 in stock  15 if hired in.

There are several 'in-house' waistcoats to choose from, however, if none of these are to your liking , Grooms Formal Hire has access to a wider range for  a small extra charge.  There is a large (about forty) stock of different coloured cravates, however,  if you want an exact match with your bridesmaids dresses, cravates can be made to order.



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